What a brilliant idea!

What a brilliant idea! – Narjes Mohammadi
The story is about a little boy named (Cooki) who doesn’t like his ears. He thinks that they are so big. So he decides to cover them with a mask. At first, he is happy with the result, but it causes some problems at school, home and…

I wrote and illustrated this book in 2018. The book was published by Tuti Publishing House in 2019. Then it was translated and published in Greek, Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic and Turkish. This book was selected in some illustration festivals and nominated as one of the top 10 best projects in COW illustration festival in 2018 and Little Hakka picture book competition. The International Children’s Books in Germany introduced this book as one of the best 200 books in the White Ravens list in 2020. Victoria government in Australia was also introduced this book as one of the best books for children. In 2021it was also selected in the list of Lakposhtparande with five out of six signs .
(What a briiliant idea!) is on the list of best seller books over the last five years.

Technique: Digital painting and collage.


Behind the scenes