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"Happy Nowruz"

The Persian New Year Celebration in Motion
Nowruz, which translates to "New Day" in Persian, marks the beginning of spring and the Persian New Year. It's a deeply cherished tradition celebrated by millions around the world, particularly in Iran and other countries with Persian heritage. This ancient festival dates back thousands of years and symbolizes renewal, hope, and the triumph of light over darkness. During Nowruz, families gather to clean their homes, set up a special table called the "Haft-Seen" (Seven S's), adorned with seven symbolic items that begin with the Persian letter "S," representing different aspects of life and nature. These items often include sprouts, apples, garlic, coins, and more. People dress in their finest clothes, visit friends and relatives, exchange gifts, and indulge in festive meals featuring traditional dishes. As the equinox heralds the arrival of spring, Nowruz festivities continue for thirteen days, marked by joyous gatherings, music, dancing, and the sharing of goodwill. It's a time for reflection, gratitude, and a renewed sense of optimism for the year ahead.

"Happy New Year"

Bringing Joy and Cheer: Celebrating the Magic of the Holidays in Motion

"Happy Yalda"

Step into the enchanting world of my Yalda Night animation, a celebration of Persian tradition.


By Narjes Mohammadi
And Hajar Mehrani

A movie about an ADDer kid who has a problem making friends and connecting with other people. Sometimes they need a supportive family/ friend to leave their comfort zone and try new things.

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