Narjes Mohammadi Hasmik Illustrator


A movie about an ADDer kid who has a problem making friends and connecting with other people. Sometimes they need a supportive family/ friend to leave their comfort zone and try new things.

By Narjes Mohammadi
And Hajar Mehrani

Writers & Directors: Narjes Mohammadi & Hajar Mehrani
Background & character design: Narjes Mohammadi
Layout: Narjes Mohammadi
Storyboard: Hajar Mehrani
Editing: Hajar Mehrani
Poster design: Sadegh Amiri
Producers: Hajar Mehrani & Narjes Mohammadi
Technical director: Morteza Naieji
Music: Maryam Chalesh
Rig: Sepeher Sohrabi
Sound Design: Hossein Ghorchian
Animator: Fatemeh Heidari

Some of my most recent work will be released soon, more news to come!

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