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About Artist

Narjes Mohammadi is a visual artist and author working in animation, bookmaking and illustration.
Storytelling and attending to details are underlying themes throughout Narjes’s practice as an artist and storyteller. Having attention to finding a specific visual style in her illustrations/ animations by mixing 2d-3d techniques gives her a way to express herself and warm the soul of someone, inspire them or just cheer them up. She tries to illuminate things that she believes in and that she finds important to communicate to the rest of the world.
Her specific interests are nature and children. Usually, an adventure in nature or hanging out with children turns into an unforgettable story. Narjes’ engagements and practice are truly international in scope. Her critically acclaimed picture books have been translated into several languages and sold over thousands of copies worldwide. Her book (What a brilliant idea!) for example was selected and awarded at several illustration festivals. It was also selected as one of the best books by the Victoria Government in Australia in 2021. Her animation, Hi! Has been selected for a couple of festivals around the world. It was awarded a special mention in the Dutch category at the Kaboom animation festival.
Her original artworks are also exhibited at such galleries as Erranet in Spain, illustrade festival, Germany, and ESIGN KOREA Korean Power, Seoul.
Narjes has been the recipient of numerous awards, including White RavenBologna Rigazzi AwardCreative Quarterly and Belgrade.
Additionally, she is the editor-in-chief of Brightness illustration magazine. Narjes grew up in Iran; she currently lives and works in the Netherlands. Currently, she is working on her new book and animation.

Selected Awards

  • Winner of the Lakposhteparandeh prize, Iran, 2021
  • Selected by the children’s book council, Iran, 2021Selected in the cow illustration festival, Ukrain,20202014, 2015
  • Nominated as one of the best in the White Raven list, Germany, 2020
  • Selected in The Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCC), Singapore, 2019
  • Selected and awarded the Merit Award at Hiiibrand illustration festival, China, 2019
  • Selected and awarded at ijungle illustration competition,China, 2019
  • Selected and nominated as one of the best at Little Hakka illustration competition, China,2019
  • Winner of COW illustration festival,Ukrain, 2018
  • Winner of the Creative Quarterly 54, USA, 2018
  • Winner of the Jury Award prize at Hiiibrand illustration festival, China,2016-2017
  • Winner of the Merit Award in IJungle illustration festival, China, 2017
  • Selected in Collective arts brewing, series 5, Canada, 2016
  • Selected in Cheap art festival, Italy, 2016
  • Selected as 200 of best illustrator by Lürzer’s Archive, Austria, 2015
  • Selected in the International Festival of Illustrated and Self-Edited Books (Como Pedro Por mi casa), Italy ,2014
  • Selected as one of the 100 best illustrator by Taschen publishing house,USA, 2014
  • Selected in the Bologna illustration festival (Spotlight On Reading ),Italy, 2013
  • Selected in the Belgrade illustration festival, Serbia, 2013
  • Selected as the best, illustration exhibition, Brazil, 2013
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