Narjes Mohammadi Hasmik

 Narjes Mohammadi  was born in 1985 in Mashhad. She fell in love with drawing at her grandparents’ house while growing up in Mashhad. Narjes works predominately in the medium of painting and illustrating. 



Institute for the Intellectual Development
Narjes Mohammadi Hasmik Illustrator نرجس محمدی هاسمیک

Narjes completed a BFA in
Graphic Design with distinction at the Shariati Technical College in Tehran in
2009, and then she delved herself into illustration by taking a two years
course in
Iranian Illustrators Society and then took a course at Fondazine Stepan Zavrel in Sarmede in 2017. She has been working professionally as an independent illustrator and editor in chief of Brightness

Narjes Mohammadi Hasmik Illustrator نرجس محمدی هاسمیک
Narjes Mohammadi Hasmik Illustrator نرجس محمدی هاسمیک

 She introduced her inspiration sources in this way: “As an Eastern artist, I’ve always inspired by nature as the first and most important point for artistic work as well as Iranian miniature
heritages. An intense interest to Chinese philosophy which encourages the
public to study trees and listen to the sound of them lead to making a collection of paintings base named (Bird Woman). “Personally speaking, I think it was the prominent point of my life as an independent artist. Besides that, I can’t ignore the important role of Frida in my artistic life. Since I was a teenager, I’m impressed by her courageous and skillfulness in presenting her beliefs and ideas.”

Narjes works has been published in a variety of books and magazines in Iran, Canada, Australia, Italy, Spain, Greece and Germany. Her illustrations have been selected in several exhibitions and festivals during last
years like: Belgrade, Bologna, Illustrade, White Raven, Hiiibrand, Little Hakka
and COW.

 Since 2009 she has had solo shows and group exhibitions in Iran, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Germany, Ukraine, South Korea, China and Japan.

She also established an online magazine (Brightness) as a portal to the world of illustration in 2016.
Brightness Magazine was born from the need of a platform specializing in illustration as there were scarcely any. Brightness also hosts different types of competitions on a monthly and yearly basis. This magazine was admitted by SCWBI office in Canada in 2019.

Narjes never lost sight of her roots in
the new world. Her cultural heritage and family ties remain the biggest influence in her work. As an Asian female artist, Narjes
hopes to continue her contemplation through art about our existence now and beyond.


Hiiibrand 2016

New Graphic Magazine  (China)

“The style of this series is smart and natural. Images in these pictures are not beautiful but real. If you listen to them, it seems like there are various sounds such as wind whistling, rain dripping, bird chirping and laughters lingering around. Behind melancholy eyes of the girl, we can feel the painter’s gratitude to life and expectation to a better future.”

Narjes Mohammadi Hasmik Illustrator نرجس محمدی هاسمیک


New Yorker Magazine
Naive Magazine
Fleet People Magazine
Fleet People Magazine
Womankind Magazine
Collective Arts
TUTI Books
Elmi Farhangi Publications
Institute for the Intellectual Development
انتشارات منظومه خرد
Manzumeh Kherad Institue
سوره مهر
Soore Mehr publishing house
Noon publishing house
Noon books
Soroush publishing house

Bird Woman

A day with Narjes Mohammadi

Narjes Mohammadi was born and raised in Mashhad. She fell in love with drawing at her grandparents’ house. Narjes works predominately in the medium of painting and illustrating.

Narjes Mohammadi Hasmik Illustrator
Narjes Mohammadi Hasmik Illustrator

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