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Dancing with the lines

Dancing with the lines «Dance is the hidden language of the soul.» – Martha Graham

Dancing is not only a form of happiness, it also is a form of criticism, protest, and storytelling. It invites us to find pieces of our own story. It urges us to explore the depths of our emotions and contemplate the shared tapestry of existence. We discover a profound way to go into the depths of our being, express feelings that cannot be expressed in words, and uncover the essence of our unique stories in the captivating worlds of dance and sketching. The world can learn about our individual experiences through these art forms, just as each dance step tells a narrative and each line on a painting discloses one. Through (Dancing with the Lines), I seek to bring my pieces of stories to life, with forms, colors, and lines. From the subtle hues of joy to the bold strokes of protest.

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